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I’ve been reading a lot of improv books recently. Everyone knows you can’t learn to improvise from a book, but you can definitely pick up new ideas and concepts to try in workshops, rehearsals, or shows. EVERYTHING is worth trying at least once, to see what works for you.

If you’re looking for a good read, I’ve got a fair-sized list of book reviews on the website. I’m always looking for more, so please send me your own recommendations.

Let’s look at one important book I read recently, and what it can do for your improv…

Viewpoints – An Introduction

[I’ve expanded and re-posted the original article.]
Read it here: The Viewpoints System – An Introduction

More for the Improv Illusionist

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Official Trailer for Doc ‘For Madmen Only’ About Improv Guru Del Close
The documentary was released direct-to-VOD on July 27th. Check your local streaming services to find it.

Chicago Improv Was Dead. Can New Leaders Revive It?
An update on the status of the Second City and iO theatres in Chicago. New owners, same old culture? Hopefully not, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

“E” is for “Environment”
Ideas from David Charles (Improv Dr) for building on your improvised environments, including a reminder about how time (of day, of year, historical) can inform and deepen your scenes.

Question(s) of the Month

What books (improv-related or not) are on your summer reading list? Have you read anything recently that connects to your improv practice?

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