About Me

I’m David Raitt, the curator of Improv Illusionist. Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve been teaching improv for nearly 20 years. I especially love physical comedy and helping improvisers learn those skills. My first book, The Improv Illusionist: Better Scenes through Environment, Object Work, and Physicality, is currently seeking publication. (You’ll find excerpts around this website. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for release updates, improv news, and exclusive resources.)

Here’s a little about how I got here…

David Raitt - Performance Photo

In school I studied Cognitive Science and then Law. As it turned out, I got better job training writing sketches for the law school variety show than from the classes.

In 1996, I started taking improv classes at The Second City (Toronto). By 2000, I’d been hired into their Canadian National Touring Company. I also joined the Mainstage ensemble for several extended contracts. Over many years with The Second City, I performed in 11 revues. I was also on the Training Centre Education faculty for 17 years.

Today I live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I’m a proud member of the Oakville Improv Theatre Company. We do monthly Theatresports and Maestro shows and random experimental stuff. I’ve also performed, written, and/or directed several “beat-prov” shows, including Rudolph the Oakville Reindeer, A Scrooge-ball Comedy, Heisterical, and Holiday Countdown.

Workshops and Coaching

I offer specialty workshops in environment, object work, and physicality. I’m also available to coach troupes and individual performers. For business teams and students, I teach communication skills through improv. Online services are available (except for physical improv workshops, which are in-person only). Visit my personal improv website for information.

Interesting Facts

  • It has thrilled me to perform on stage with distinguished Second City alumni, including Joe Flaherty and Colin Mochrie. Also, I appeared solo as the opening act for the legendary comic duo The Smothers Brothers. (Still can’t figure out how I landed that gig.)
  • I write and perform sketch comedy and have produced three independent shows:
    • Workaholics: Scenes from the Office Grind
    • ALL THE RAGE (nominated for a 2008 Canadian Comedy Award, One-Person Show)
    • Between Commutes (a “Patron’s Pick” at Toronto Fringe 2008)
  • I love movies and have been a film critic for Metroland Media Group.
  • During the day, I’m also a Copywriter and Content Marketing Consultant.

Cool Links to other David Raitt projects

  • The Bigger Bang – Sci-fi comedy podcast produced in association with Oakville Improv. Much like the original The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Among many roles, I play the endearingly cranky Professor Feynstein. After a brief hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re now back recording new episodes!