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Improv Illusionist is a website for improv performers everywhere, especially those who want to “be more physical” in their scenes. We discuss, teach, and share the skills of environment, object work, and physicality.

Improv is magic. And all improvisers are magicians.

YOU are a magician. You create stories, characters, and worlds from nothing.

The most powerful type of magic is ILLUSION — to make them see what isn’t there. And all improvisers are illusionists.

YOU are an illusionist. On an empty stage, with only the movement of your body, you can fix a broken photocopier in one moment, wrangle cattle across the open range in the next, and then explore an alien planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

Audiences are spellbound by improv. And they accept it as absolutely real.

But watch out!

If you’re careless with your illusions, you kill the magic.

You walk through tables and closed doors. You put objects down in one place and then pick them up somewhere else. You think your scene is about doing the laundry, but your partner sees you feeding a goat.

These illusions break the reality of your improv scene. The audience becomes confused, detached, sometimes even resentful.

Has that ever happened to you? Or have you ever wished you could “be more physical” with your improv?

The best illusionists master skills to control what people see. For you the improviser, those skills are environment, object work, and physicality.

They add depth and dimension to your characters and narrative. They also open up new sources of ideas. If you’ve every struggled with what to say or do next in a scene, these skills can help. Environment, object work, and physicality bring more magic to your improv.

Do you want to master the Improv Illusion?

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