The book is almost here!

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Welcome to another issue of the Improv Illusionist Newsletter, a monthly update from me, David Raitt, with a focus on the improv skills of environment, object work, and physicality in character and performance. I’m honoured by your interest.

Welcome back, fellow improvisers!

I’m very excited about the upcoming book release. Let’s get right into it…

The Improv Illusionist book is almost here!

I began writing the book in July 2019. But in many ways, this has been going on for over 25 years.

As you’ll read in my Introduction to the book (available for previewing right now), one of my first teachers, Bruce Hunter, was heavily into object work and environment. With my love of physical comedy, I clicked with his style immediately, and I’ve been experimenting with these skills ever since.

(It’s an honour that Bruce has written a very inspirational Foreword to the book, which you can also preview right now!)

Physicality has been a huge boost to my career. When I worked for The Second City, I was at risk of being typecast as a “straight man.” Physicality helped me step out of that role and become larger than life on stage when I wanted to be.

I’ve also had a ton of fun playing with physicality in scenes. It gives you so many ways to add play, even when playing straight and serious characters. But more especially the mischievous ones. 😉

When I think back to the top moments of my improv career, nearly all of them have been related to physicality in some way. Or it helped set the scene in a way that made a casual line of dialogue extraordinary.

If you buy the book, I hope it’s the start of an equally wonderful journey for YOUR career.

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