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Hello out there.

I had a different topic planned for this month, but then got the sad news that Keith Johnstone has left us, just a few days past his 90th birthday.

I’ve always thought of Keith as the “godfather” of improv. While he hadn’t done much publicly in recent years, there was always the sense that any day he’d drop some great line of advice that would help us all get better. That chance is gone now, sadly. But we still have his work to draw from.

Despite many attempts, I never met Keith or took a class with him. But he’s had a profound effect on my life, and not just on the stage. So here I’ll share some links to help you get to know him better…

Remembering Keith Johnstone

Theatresports creator Keith Johnstone put performers in touch with their creativity
Remembering the great pioneer of improvisation.

Kids in the Hall, Loose Moose alumni pay tribute to Calgary improv pioneer Keith Johnstone
Great notes from alumni about Keith’s style of teaching.

Keith’s books

If you haven’t read Johnstone, you really should. His two major works are Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre and Impro for Storytellers.

They’re classics of practical advice, improv theory, and philosophy. Impro has also found mainstream interest as a business book through its exploration of status roles and creativity.

There’s also Keith Johnstone: A Critical Biography by Theresa Robbins Dudeck, which includes interviews with Keith, his colleagues, and former students, along with archival documents from Keith’s personal collection.

More for the Improv Illusionist

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