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This month is the one-year anniversary of Improv Illusionist! I’m thrilled to be able to share the power of environment and physicality with you. These are skills we’re really going to need as we return to live theatre soon. (And how exciting is that?)

Is there anything specific you want to know more about? I’ve got lots of information to share, but your input helps me understand your priorities over mine. Drop me a reply and let me know? Thanks.

Emotional Safety Resources for Improv

Safety is an important topic for all theatre performers, and improvisers especially because the action is so spontaneous. There are few if any centralized resources to help players avoid injuries. I’m working to change that.

But safety isn’t only about preventing falls or accidental collisions on stage. An unsafe experience can be as dangerous to the mind as it is to the body. We can play characters in humiliating or dangerous situations, but it’s NOT okay to make performers act out those situations if they’re not comfortable doing so. No actor should risk their mental health for the sake of entertainment.

These issues aren’t confined to gender or race or other arbitrary classifications. Anyone can find themselves in an unsafe situation. It’s not just about intimate or sexual contact either. Stage violence, lifting, and similar physical activities can also make players feel unsafe. Improv is a group activity, and we must all be responsible for one another’s emotional safety.

Earlier this month I posted a list of Emotional Safety resources for improvisers. It includes links to contact information for sexual misconduct survivors, sample anti-harassment policies for theatre companies, procedures for boundaries check-ins and consent, and some excellent articles everyone should read.

The list is here. You can help promote improviser safety by sharing it with your local company and players or anywhere you’re active online.

If you know of any other sites or articles out there that would fit this list, please send them to me. I’m truly grateful for your support.

And if you’re feeling distress because of an unsafe experience in improv, please emphasize self-care and seek help as best you can.

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Question(s) of the Month

Have you ever been injured while doing improv? As I wrote above, safety is a big topic I’m committed to promoting. What are the common injuries you hear most about?

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